Chairman Dave Camp

Calendar Item

Chairman Nunes Announces Hearing on U.S.-EU Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations
1100 Longworth House Office Building at 2:00 PM

May 16, 2013

Focus Of The Hearing
The focus of the hearing is on the benefits of expanding U.S.-EU trade, including through the negotiation of a trade and investment agreement.  The hearing focus will include: (1) tariff barriers to trade; (2) regulatory barriers, including sanitary and phytosanitary barriers to U.S. agriculture exports; (3) opportunities for regulatory cooperation and coherence; (4) services and investment barriers; and (5) ways to strengthen cooperation between the United States and the EU with regard to third-country issues.

Hearing Advisory
Chairman Nunes Announces Hearing on  U.S.-EU Trade and Investment Partnership Negotiations

Witness List

Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat
Partner, Covington & Burling LLP, on behalf of the Transatlantic Business Coalition
(Truth in Testimony)

Ms. Inga Carus
President & CEO, Carus Corporation
(Truth in Testimony)

Mr. James Grueff
Principal, Decision Leaders
(Truth in Testimony)

Mr. Greg Slater
Director, Global Trade and Competition Policy, Intel Corporation, on behalf of the Business Coalition for Transatlantic Trade and the Coalition of Services Industries
(Truth in Testimony)