Ways and Means Banner with Picture of One of Four Sculptured Eagles from Ceiling in 1100 Longworth, Main Committee Hearing Room


(The Last 101 Years, 1899-2001)

Chairman William M. Thomas (R-CA)

Photograph of Chairman William M. Thomas (R-CA)

There is currently no portrait of Chairman Thomas hanging in the Committee hearing room.

R=Republican | D=Democrat

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Bill Archer  (R-TX)
Chairman 1995-2000

More about Chairman Archer

More about Dan Rostenkowski

Dan Rostenkowski


Chairman 1981-19941

More About Al Ullman

Al Ullman

Chairman 1975-1980

More About Wilbur Mills

Wilbur D. Mills

Chairman 1957-1974

More About Jere Cooper

Jere Cooper

Chairman 1956-19572

More About Daniel Reed

Daniel A. Reed

Chairman 1953-1955

More About Robert Doughton

Robert Doughton

Chairman 1933-1947
and 1949-1953

More About Harold Knutson

Harold Knutson

Chairman 1947-1949

More About James Collier

James W. Collier

Chairman 1931-1933

More About Willis Hawley

Willis C. Hawley

Chairman 1929-1931

More About William Green

William R. Green

Chairman 1923-19283

More About Joseph Fordney

Joseph Fordney

Chairman 1919-1923

More About Claude Kitchin

Claude Kitchin

Chairman 1915-1919

More About Oscar Underwood

Oscar Underwood

Chairman 1911-1915

More About Sereno Payne

Sereno E. Payne

Chairman 1899-1911


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Complete Listing of Committee Members and Chairmen,
1st Through 107th Congresses

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[Historical Information on Members of the Committee that had attained Higher Office]


1  Sam Gibbon (D-FL) served as acting Chairman from June 1, 1994, to the end of the 2nd session of the 103rd Congress.
Cooper died December 18, 1957, shortly after the beginning of the first session of the 85th Congress.
Green resigned from Congress on March 31, 1928, just prior to the conclusion of the first session of the 70th Congress.  Hawley served as Chairman for the 2nd Session.