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NOTE:  Not all Chairmen are displayed here since the Committee does not possess images of all former Chairmen.  There is, however, a link to the biographical page provided by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Higher Office Page
[Historical Information on Members of the Committee that had attained Higher Office]

W=Whig | R=Republican | D=Democrat

More About Nelson Dingley

Nelson Dingley, Jr.

Chairman 1895-18991

More About William Wilson

William L. Wilson

Chairman 1893-1895

More About William Springer

William M. Springer

Chairman 1891-1893

More about William McKinley

William McKinley (R-OH)

Chairman 1889-1891

More about Roger Q. Mills

Roger Q. Mills

Chairman 1887-1888

More about William Morrison

William R. Morrison

Chairman 1883-1886
and 1875-1876

More about William Kelley

William D. Kelley

Chairman 1881-1882

No pictures available

John R. Tucker (D-VA)
Chairman 18812

Fernando Wood (D-NY)
Chairman 1877-1881

Samuel D. Hooper (D-MA)
Chairman 18713

More about Henry Dawes

Henry L. Dawes

Chairman 1871-1874

More about Robert Schenck

Robert C. Schenck

Chairman 1867-1871

More about Justin Morrill

Justin Morrill

Chairman 1865-1866

More about Thaddeus Stevens

Thaddeus Stevens

Chairman 1861-1864

More about John Sherman

John Sherman

Chairman 1859-1860

No pictures available

John S. Phelps (D-MO)
Chairman 1858-1859

J. Glancy Jones (D-PA)
Chairman 1857-18582

Lewis D. Campbell (R-OH)
Chairman 1855-1857

More about George Houston

George Houston

Chairman 1851-1855

No pictures available

Thomas H. Bayly (D-VA)
Chairman 1849-1851

Samuel F. Vinton (W-OH)
Chairman 1847-1849

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Higher Office Page
[Historical Information on Members of the Committee that have attained Higher Office]

Dingley died January 13, 1899, in the 3rd session of the 55th Congress.  Payne served out the remainder of the session until March 3, 1899.
Wood died in office February 13, 1881.  Tucker served as chairman until the end of the session on March 3.
3  Schenck resigned on January 5, 1871, to accept a diplomatic appointment to Great Britain.  Hooper, the ranking majority member, served the remainder of the term.