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NOTE:  Not all Chairmen are displayed here since the Committee does not possess images of all former Chairmen.  There is, however, a link to the biographical page provided by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Higher Office Page
[Historical Information on Members of the Committee that had attained Higher Office]

F = Federalists | JR = Jeffersonian Republican | W=Whig |
D=Democrat | R=Republican

More about James McKay

James I. McKay

Chairman 1843-1847

More about Williard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore

Chairman 1841-1843

More about John W. Jones

John W. Jones

Chairman 1839-1841

More about Churchill Cambreleng

Churchill C. Cambreleng

Chairman 1835-1839

More about James Polk

James K. Polk

Chairman 1833-1835

More about Gulian Verplanck

Gulian C. Verplanck

Chairman 1832-1833

More about George McDuffie

George McDuffie

Chairman 1827-1832

More about Louis McLane

Louis McLane

Chairman 1822-1827


More about Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith

Chairman 1818-1822

More about William Lowndes

Willaim Lowndes (JR-SC)

Chairman 1815-1818

More about John Eppes

John W. Eppes

Chairman 1813-1815 and 1809-1811

More about Langdon Cheeves

Langdon Cheeves

Chairman 1812-1813

No pictures available

Ezekiel Bacon (JR-SC)
Chairman 1811-1812

Joseph Clay (JR-PA)1
Chairman 1805-1807

Roger Griswold (F-CT)
Chairman 1800-1801

More about George Campbell

George W. Campbell

Chairman 1807-1809

More about John Randolph

John Randolph

Chairman 1800-1801, 18272

More about Robert Goodloe Harper

Robert Goodloe Harper (F-SC)

Chairman 1797-1800

More aboutj William Loughton Smith

William Loughton Smith (F-SC)

Chairman 1794, 1795-17973

More about Thomas Fitzsimons

Thomas Fitzsimons

Chairman 1789

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Higher Office Page
[Historical Information on Members of the Committee that had attained Higher Office]


Clay was appointed chairman, but he stepped down to allow Randolph to regain the chair.
Randolph was briefly chairman at the outset of the 21st Congress from December 6-14, 1827.
3 Smith also chaired the committee from June 10 to July 10, 1797, in the first session of the 5th Congress.