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U.S. Child Poverty Rates by Family Structure in Context
October 15, 2014
Facts: “Almost 46 percent of children living in female headed single parent families were in poverty in contrast to only 9.5 percent of children in married couple families…” (Source: Where’s the Outrage? Robert Doar) Context: The poverty rate for children raised in the U.S. by single parents (46%) is higher than the overall poverty rate in Rwanda (44.9%). The poverty rate for children raised in the U.S. by married parents (9.5%) is lower than the overall poverty rate in Beverly Hills, CA (10%). ... More
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Administration's Revisionist History: Putting the Economy's "Incredible Progress" in Perspective
October 6, 2014
Now (October 2014) “Our economy is making incredible progress.” For example, 5.9 percent unemployment is “a number many economists didn’t think we’d see for years.” Sources: White House press release and email from CEA Chairman Jason Furman, October 3, 2014. Then (January 2009) The Obama Administration predicted that, with Democrats’ stimulus plan, the U.S. unemployment rate would fall to 5.9 percent by early 2012. Even without stimulus, the Administration forecast the unemployment rate would f... More
Press Release
Bill to Improve Post-Acute Care for Medicare Beneficiaries Becomes Law
October 6, 2014
Washington, DC – Today, President Obama signed into law H.R. 4994, the Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014 (IMPACT Act), bipartisan legislation aimed at strengthening and improving post-acute care for Medicare beneficiaries while bringing about more accountable, quality-driven benefits to patients. The IMPACT Act also strengthens Medicare’s oversight of hospice care by ensuring that Medicare dollars are spent efficiently and that high quality care is provided. The bill... More
Press Release
Camp Statement on September Jobs Report
October 3, 2014
Washington, DC – Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) issued the following statement on the September jobs report. "While the economy is creating jobs, the fact remains we are stuck in a Carter-like economy in which millions of Americans have simply given up. For those lucky enough to be working, wages are flat and middle-class families are struggling to keep up with their bills. The Administration must do more to strengthen this economy. That includes getting the Democrat-c... More
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Democrat Stimulus Architect Admits “the Economy’s Problems,” not “Economic Greatness”
October 2, 2014
Democrat Stimulus Architect Admits “the Economy’s Problems,” not “Economic Greatness” Then: The January 2009 Romer-Bernstein Report predicts 5 percent unemployment by now. Sources: January 2009 Romer/Bernstein Report ("Administration Prediction With Stimulus Plan”), and Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (“Actual”). Now: Jared Bernstein, “How the Jobless Rate Underestimates the Economy’s Problems,” October 2, 2014 The economy is not growing as it should: “(T)here’s considerable sla... More
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