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Press Release
Johnson Demands Immediate IG Investigation and Calls on Social Security Commissioner to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Failed IT Project
July 25, 2014
Washington, DC - Today, Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security Chairman Sam Johnson (R-TX) sent a letter to Social Security Administration (SSA) Inspector General Patrick O’Carroll requesting a full and immediate investigation into the SSA’s mismanagement and failed implementation of the $300 million Disability Case Processing System (DCPS). Johnson also sent a letter to Acting Commissioner of Social Security, Carolyn Colvin, calling for her to stop further spending on the implementatio... More
Floor Statements
Camp Floor Statement: H.R. 4935 - The Child Tax Credit Improvement Act
July 25, 2014
If one thing has been consistent about the Obama Administration – it is the failure of its economic policies. The President’s economic policies make it harder for American families to get by every day: A record number of Americans are unable to work, and those who can find work are unable to secure full-time work and instead are forced to accept only part-time jobs. This last quarter the economy actually shrunk, and real wages – what Americans use to pay their mortgages and put their kids throu... More
Press Release
NEW REPORT: Seniors Face $3,700 in Cuts to Health Care & Medicine
July 25, 2014
Washington, DC – America’s elderly could soon see their health care cut by $3,700 per year due to sweeping Medicare cuts included in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. In testimony before the Health Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee, Dr. Robert Book of the Health Systems Innovation Network unveiled a new analysis by the American Action Network that shows seniors enrolled in popular Medicare Advantage plans will see a loss of benefits equaling of $1,530 in 2015 alone – and g... More
Opening Statements
Brady Opening Statement: Hearing on the Future of Medicare Advantage Plans
July 24, 2014
Today we will hear testimony regarding the Medicare Advantage program. We will hear about these private plans that are chosen by increasing numbers of seniors. We will hear how these private plans can combine high quality and low costs. We will look at the future of this popular program and ask, when the scheduled cuts to Medicare Advantage plans in the Affordable Care Act take place, can these popular plans continue to effectively serve seniors? Will the policies of the Obama Administration nar... More
The Jobs Search
Reason #19: Record Numbers Are Working Temp Jobs
July 24, 2014
Record Numbers Are Working Temp Jobs. Today nearly 3 million American workers are in temporary positions. Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. ________________ As introduced on June 17, 2014, Ways and Means Chairman Camp is listing 40 reasons for the Senate to pass the 40 jobs bills the House has already approved. The reasons define the distress Americans continue to feel in the “new normal” of high unemployment and weak job creation resulting from Obama Administration e... More
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