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CLASS Dismissed

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Washington, Oct 14, 2011 | comments

Following the repeal of the health care law's 1099 reporting provision, the CLASS Act is now being jettisoned.  This latest development, which highlights a major budget gimmick the Democrats used to claim their health care overhaul was "paid-for," affirms what Americans have long-known:  America cannot afford the Democrats' health care law.

"CBO’s February 2011 analysis indicates that implementation of the long-term care insurance program established by the CLASS Act will reduce federal deficits by $86 billion over the 2012–2021 period."
- Congressional Budget Office’s Analysis of the Major Health Care Legislation Enacted in March 2010

“I do not see a viable path forward for CLASS implementation at this time.”
- Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius in an October 14, 2011 report submitted to the Congress


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