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Brady: Biden Repeal of GOP Tax Cuts Would Slow Growth and Kill Jobs

September 6, 2022 — Blog    — In Case You Missed It...    — Press Releases    — Select Revenue Measures   

Under Republican tax reform, the economy was growing, paychecks were rising twice as fast as inflation, and jobs coming back from overseas, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on “Kudlow” with Larry Kudlow on Fox Business. President Biden’s cruel economy is exactly the opposite: a shrinking economy, crushing inflation, and a worker shortage.

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American families and workers continue to struggle under Biden’s cruel economy.


“For the record, no President has ever wrecked an economic recovery so thoroughly and so quickly as Joe Biden. We probably should have had a year and a half of the strongest economic recovery in history heading into 2021. 


“Instead, we got a shrinking economy, crushing inflation, we have a huge worker shortage, empty shelves and homes and apartments that many Americans can’t even afford.” 


Under Republican Tax Reform, wages grew for all Americans, business investment soared, and corporate tax revenues rose to record highs. 


“Here you have the President doubling down and saying look, I will do more of this. It sort of reminds me of that vandal that you catch sticking a screwdriver into all of your car tires who says, ‘Look, give me a few more minutes, I think I can bust out our windows and key your car.’ This is what the President’s promising with the repeal of the tax cuts. 


“Under Republicans and President Trump our economy was growing, paychecks were rising twice as fast as inflation, jobs were coming back from overseas, record business investment here in America, and optimism was just through the roof, along through lifting six million Americans out of poverty. Exactly the opposite of what Joe Biden is doing today. 


“He will do even worse if America doesn’t check him in November.”