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Brady: It’s Simple – Far More IRS Agents Means Far More Audits

Treasury’s Own Documents and Congress’s Non-Partisan Scorekeeper Debunk Democrats’ False Claim
August 22, 2022 — Blog    — In Case You Missed It...    — Oversight    — Press Releases   

While Democrats deny expanding the IRS with 87,000 new agents and new audits on budget shopping families, nonpartisan scorekeepers confirm otherwise, Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said in an interview with guest host Jackie DeAngelis on “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street” on Fox Business.

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Democrats’ plan will unleash 87,000 new IRS agents on already-struggling Americans.


“The Democrat claim that there are no new IRS agents in this bill – which is parroted by the media – is frankly a big lie. 


“It’s been debunked by Treasury’s own documents, by the Congressional Budget Office, and by the bill itself, which lays out that only three percent of new funding will go to customer service to work off the backlog. The bulk of it goes to enforcement.”


The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicts boosted IRS funding will increase audits for all taxpayers.


“As the Congressional Budget Office points out – if there are no new IRS agents, how do you squeeze $200 billion out of taxpayers? 


“The fact of the matter is, page 16 of Treasury’s own documents last year on how to force people to comply with the tax code lays out nearly 87,000 new agents. 


“The Joint Committee on Taxation and Congressional Budget Office again lay out how middle-class families – I call them budget shoppers,  my neighbors at Walmart and Target and others – will face about 710,000 additional audits as a result of this bill. 


“More cops, more arrests. With far more agents, you’re going to see far more audits.”


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Democrats will raise audits on the middle class under the guise of going after the tax gap.


“I’ve been in the Ways and Means Committee and in Congress now for 26 years. We have jurisdiction over the IRS. For many years, privately, the IRS will tell you that they believe the tax cheats are  farmers and small businesses. Politically, they’ve never been able to figure out how to target them. 


“Plan A was that bank surveillance scheme that tracked transactions and accounts over $600. That didn’t get any traction. So Plan B has been to unleash tens of thousands of new IRS agents. 


“The Congressional Budget Office again said tens of billions of dollars will come from middle class families. Almost every American is living in a very cruel economy thanks to Joe Biden and his bungling of the economy.”


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President Biden’s student loan giveaway will do nothing to make college more affordable and overlooks the problems most Americans are facing in a cruel economy today.


“If you didn’t like paying off your student debt, wait until Joe Biden forces you to pay off someone else’s student debt. 


“It’s not legal to do this. Ethically, it’s wrong to force people who have either worked their lifetime to try to afford college or worked a lifetime to pay off their debt, to be forced to do this for others who made their own choices.”


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Democrats’ tax hikes will crush job creators, slow the economy, and translate into even higher and longer inflation.


“People aren’t buying this Inflation Reduction Act. 


“Three out of four voters in a new poll said that they believe this bill will either make inflation worse or have no impact whatsoever. 


“Independent voters by a two-to-one margin say that this will make inflation worse rather than better.”


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