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Brady: Locking in Lower Taxes is Exactly What America Needs Right Now

September 28, 2022 — Bidenflation    — Blog    — In Case You Missed It...    — Press Releases    — Select Revenue Measures    — Tax Cuts & Jobs Act   

“A commitment that makes our economy strong is exactly what America’s pleading for after they’ve seen this president bungle the economy,” Ways and Means Republican Leader Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on “Fox Business Tonight” on Fox Business in an interview with guest host former Rep. Sean Duffy.


Making permanent the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would lock in lower taxes for American families and small businesses as they struggle with inflation and create certainty for a pro-growth economy, Rep. Brady said.


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Instead of unleashing Made-in-America energy, President Biden is using petroleum reserves as a Green New Deal slush fund.

“Do you trust Democrats in Washington with your energy prices? They have no clue.


“The second point, Sean, this is dangerous. Look, the petroleum reserve is about energy security. It’s there for a reason. They’ve drained it dangerously low already, now they want to use it as a slush fund for the Green New Deal. I can’t think of anything worse than that.


“Look, they’ve done enough damage to energy, they’ve harmed enough people with their energy policies. Now they’re going to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies for the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations. Please, stop helping us.”

President Biden’s student loan giveaway could cost over $400 billion and worsen inflation as we enter a recession.

“Yeah, it really is crazy. No president has the authority to spend half a trillion dollars or more with the stroke of a pen. Secondly, it’s terribly unfair to everyone who’s worked hard.


“We have a detective in our neighborhood who worked his whole life, and his wife worked, he worked three jobs – he’s a detective, did extra security, sold carpet on the weekends so his daughter could go to a state school and come out with a good degree and no student debt.


“So now that same family has to pay off someone else’s student debt? It’s just unfair.


“And the final point is, as Larry Summers pointed out, this drives inflation higher, not just in college, but economic inflation as well.


“Look, it doesn’t make sense. I was pleased to see a lawsuit filed today challenging it and I hope it’s the first of many.”

Republicans have a plan in their Commitment to America to create a strong economy.

“You know, a commitment that makes our economy strong is exactly what America’s just pleading for after they’ve seen this president bungle the economy.


“Part of a strong economy is we need less government spending, less taxes, and less regulation that drive inflation. We need more energy, more innovation, and more workers to drive those prices down.”

Making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent would lock in lower taxes for middle class families and small businesses.

“And so part of this Commitment to America – which I’m really excited about – is making the Republican Tax Cuts permanent because we saw jobs coming back from overseas, we saw an economy growing, paychecks were growing twice as fast as inflation, and we lifted millions of people in America.


“Locking in those low taxes for families and small businesses as they’re struggling with inflation and creating certainty for the pro-growth provisions that leapfrogged America to the strongest economy on the globe is exactly the recipe for American strength right now.


“When you look at 2019 and see all the amazing things that happened, the government didn’t do that. Free enterprise, economic freedom, people simply keeping more of what they earn, and incentives to reconnect work. That’s how we lifted millions of Americans out of poverty and started to reduce income inequality, something that hasn’t happened in half a century.”