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Op-eds and Speeches

J. Smith: Rising Interest Rates Signal Inevitable Recession Under Biden

July 22, 2022 — Bidenflation

“With interest rates on the rise, American families are realizing that President Biden has been using their 401ks and Social Security as collateral in his political spending gamble,” writes Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) in an op-ed for The Hill, noting that “eight of the last nine times the Fed raised rates to ...

A. Smith: Senate Passage of Formula Act Helps Families Feed Infants

July 21, 2022 — Blog

After the Senate passed the Formula Act, Ways and Means Republican Leader of the Trade Subcommittee Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE) issued the following statement:   “The Formula Act makes infant formula more accessible and affordable by allowing it to be imported duty-free through the end of the year. Families should never have to experience the despair of worrying whether ...

J. Smith: Americans Are Suffering Under Biden’s Secret Spending — All Part of His Many Executive Orders

July 13, 2022 — Bidenflation

Americans are struggling, as they learn that President Biden’s economy is a cruel economy. In an op-ed for Fox News, Republican Leader of the House Committee on Budget and member of Ways and Means Jason Smith (R-MO) catalogs President Biden’s reckless spending over 16 months, citing CBO’s estimate that he has charged American taxpayers $532 billion through executive actions ...

J. Smith: Biden Spending Spree Will Raise Deficits to Highest in History, Worsen Inflation

June 17, 2022 — Bidenflation

While President Biden denies that his $2 trillion COVID stimulus sabotaged our economic recovery, he is doubling down on more spending and crippling tax hikes that would worsen inflation. Warning what’s at stake for American families under President Biden’s agenda, Ways and Means Republican and Republican Leader on the Budget Committee Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) wrote an op-ed for ...

A. Smith: Medicare and Social Security Need Bipartisan Action to Continue Serving America’s Seniors

June 13, 2022 — Blog

“We must address Social Security and Medicare solvency in a bipartisan way,” said Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE). “Both programs were created with bipartisan support, and no serious reform of the program has been enacted without both parties working together.” With some Medicare and Social Security programs poised to run out of money, Democrats and the Biden Administration ...

Buchanan: Biden Admin’s CMS Decision Halts Innovation and Cures. America’s Seniors Deserve Better.

June 13, 2022 — Blog

In a disturbing break with precedent, the Biden Administration and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)’s recently issued a decision to severely restrict coverage of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA-approved) Alzheimer’s treatment, which will chill innovation and limit essential treatments for America’s seniors, Republican Leader on the Ways and Means Health ...