David Borris, owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Northbrook, IL

"My wife and I opened a small homemade food store near Chicago in 1985, and over the years we have expanded into a full-service catering company with 41 full-time employees and over 80 part-time and seasonal workers.
"Over 33 years we have created hundreds of jobs in the Chicagoland area. Ever since we started, we’ve been committed to providing family sustaining wages and quality, affordable healthcare to our employees.
"The new Republican tax law will not put more dollars in my pocket or cause me to expand my business.  While I may see a nominal benefit through the pass-through deduction, it will be zeroed out by the limits on SALT deductibility.  I certainly won’t be able to hire more employees or provide raises to my current employees. More importantly, the long-term trajectory of the inevitable cuts in social services will be devastating to many of my employees and their families. 
"So who is benefitting from the Republican tax law?  Wealthy Republican donors, corporate shareholders and CEOs.  One reason for this is that the tax law gives tax breaks to multinational corporations that offshore domestic jobs.
"My business is deeply rooted in my community, and we create quality jobs right here at home. Our business model, like many small businesses across Chicagoland and the nation provides food, beverage, and personal one on one service to clients and their guests. I can’t provide services to my customers from a post office box in Grand Cayman or Ireland.  Or ask my employees to incorporate themselves in the British Virgin Islands.
"To put it simply, I am a job creator who is decidedly not benefitting from the Republican tax law. Yet multinational corporations who offshore what were once good paying domestic jobs and profits are reaping a windfall in benefits at the expense of small businesses and middle-class taxpayers like me."     

David Borris is the co-owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering, a gourmet catering company located in Chicago, Illinois. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Main Street Alliance, a national small business network.