Deborah Field, owner of Paperjam Press PDX in Portland, OR

"The GOP tax plan doesn’t help me or many other small businesses. I used to be a corporate tax accountant, so I am very comfortable with numbers. I calculated my tax based on the new changes, and I end up paying $700 more than last year.
"I wanted to see what this would mean for some of my fellow businesses, so I went out and talked to them. They didn’t even pause, they all laughed and said this isn’t for us -- this tax plan is a giveaway to the biggest corporations who aren’t paying their fair share in taxes already.

"Too many big corporations take advantage of all America has to offer, but then refuse to pay their fair share in taxes. Corporate loopholes are already so large that some multinational corporations pay less in taxes than I do. There is something deeply wrong with that. 

"If Republicans really wanted to help small businesses, they would stop giving us phony tax cuts and look to the banks that are not loaning to small businesses. They would invest in policies and programs that expand access to credit and capital for small businesses.  That would really help small businesses like mine grow-- trillion dollar tax breaks large corporations will not."

Deborah Field is the co-owner of Paperjam Press PDX, a boutique printing and design company located in Portland, Oregon employing four people. She serves on the Executive Committee of the Main Street Alliance of Oregon, a statewide network of small business owners.