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Democrats Block Congressional Inquiry Into Tax Dollars Sent to Felons, Deceased

Democrats ignore checks that went to prisoners, foreigners, illegal immigrants, and dead people
September 30, 2022 — Bidenflation    — Blog    — Press Releases    — Select Revenue Measures   

President Biden’s so-called stimulus resulted in massive amounts of waste and abuse, including $783.5 million in stimulus checks sent to:

  • Over 500,000 federal prisoners–including the Boston Marathon Bomber
  • $1,400 stimulus checks sent to Japanese citizens living in Japan
  • Up to $4.38 billion in stimulus checks sent to illegal immigrants
  • $13 million in stimulus checks sent to deceased individuals

Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee requested information from the Biden Administration detailing exactly how much money was wasted and where it was sent. 

Democrats voted to keep that information hidden.

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Democrats are responsible for this careless waste of American tax dollars, which worsened historic inflation and the labor shortage.

  • Democrats’ $2 trillion so-called stimulus spent $400 billion paying people not to work, and in effect worsened the labor shortage by making a government check more lucrative than a job.

  • The “Rescue Plan” also left behind a massive trail of waste and abuse – including $783 million in stimulus checks to prisoners, $400 million for state parks and trails in Michigan, and even $140 million for a luxury hotel in Florida.

  • Thanks to the massive spending bill, Americans paid an extra $3,500 inflation tax last year and will be spending another $5,900 this year just to afford basic goods and services.

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Republicans demand to know a full accounting of wasted tax dollars and what the Biden Admin has done to rectify this abuse.

  • Ways and Means Member and Republican Leader of the House Committee on Budget Rep. Jason Smith’s (R-MO) request called for a full and thorough accounting of where and to whom this money has gone, and what, if any, attempts the Biden White House has made to combat, recoup, or at the very least account for, this waste of taxpayer dollars.
    • Democrats rejected this request, hiding crucial information on tax dollar abuse, further enabling this waste.

About Resolutions of Inquiry: 

A Resolution of Inquiry (ROI) is a direct request or demand of the President or the head of an executive department to furnish the House with specific factual information in the Administration’s possession. ROIs become privileged on the floor if not reported to the House within 14 legislative days after filing. 

Democrats effectively turned off the ability to use an ROI via a pandemic-related rule passed in the last Congress. That rule was continually extended until late July of this year when the majority finally turned on the ROI tool.