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Human Resources


The Subcommittee’s jurisdiction includes legislation and issues related to Social Security’s retirement,
survivors and disability programs, the Railroad Retirement program, and employment taxes and trust
fund operations relating to those programs, including title II of the Social Security Act, Chapter 22 of the
Internal Revenue Code (the Railroad Retirement Tax Act), as well as provisions in title VII and title XI
of the Act involving the Old Age and Survivors’ and Disability Insurance (OASDI) programs.

Hot Topics:

Strengthening Social Security

Securing the Future of the Disability Program

Current Legislation:

H.R. 2720, Alexis Agin Identity Theft Protection Act of 2013

H.R. 1502 The Social Security Disability Insurance and Unemployment Benefits Double Dip
Elimination Act of 2013

H.R. 781 Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2013

Legislation From Previous Congresses