H.R. 5739: No Social Security for Nazis Act

On November 25, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5739, the No Social Security for Nazis Act, with unanimous support from both sides of the aisle. Introduced by Ways and Means Social Security Chairman Sam Johnson (R-TX) and Ranking Member Xavier Becerra (D-CA), H.R. 5739 would stop Social Security benefits to Nazis.

Specifically, the bill amends the law to:

  • Stop benefit payments to those denaturalized due to participation in Nazi persecutions (as defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act) or who voluntarily renounced their citizenship as part of a settlement with the Attorney General related to their participation in Nazi persecution (those who are judicially deported are already ineligible for Social Security under current law);
  • Ensure individuals who are ineligible for benefits based on participation in Nazi persecutions do not receive spouse benefits due to marriage to a Social Security beneficiary or Supplemental Security Income benefits; and
  • Requires the Attorney General to certify to the Ways and Means Committee and Finance Committee that Social Security has been notified of all those whose benefits should be terminated due to participation in Nazi persecutions and requires the Commissioner of Social Security to certify that benefits were terminated.

Below are the supporting materials for the bill:

1.      Text of the bill

2.      Co-sponsors of the bill

3.      Press release with quotes from co-sponsors

2.      Letter from Rep. Becerra and Rep. Johnson to the Social Security Administration

3.      Letter from Rep. Becerra and Rep. Johnson to the Department of Justice