Full Committee Hearing on Tax Reform and Residential Real Estate

Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 9:30am
1100 Longworth House Office Building

Focus Of The Hearing
The hearing will consider how certain Federal tax provisions affect the housing sector and homeownership – and the benefits of such investment.  It will explore how tax policy affects the relative level of investment between residential real estate and other parts of the economy (such as business investment). 

Hearing Advisory
Camp Announces Hearing on Tax Reform and Residential Real Estate

Public Submissions For Record
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Opening Statements

Levin Opening Statement at Hearing on Tax Reform and Residential Real Estate

PANEL ONE                    

Mr. Mark Fleming
Chief Economist, CoreLogic

Mr. Eric Toder
Co-Director, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center

Ms. Jane Gravelle
Senior Specialist in Economic Policy, Congressional Research Service,

Mr. Mark Calabria
Director of Financial Regulation Studies, Cato Institute

Mr. Phillip Swagel
Professor of International Economic Policy, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

PANEL TWO                    

Mr. Gary Thomas
President, National Association of Realtors

Mr. Robert Dietz
Assistant Vice President for Tax and Policy Issues, National Association of Home Builders

Mr. Thomas Moran
Chairman, Moran & Company, Chicago, IL, appearing on behalf of the National Multi Housing Council and the National Apartment Association

Mr. Robert Moss
Senior Vice President, Boston Capital, Boston, MA, appearing on behalf of the Housing Advisory Group

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