Chairman Neal Statement on Trump’s Empty Drug Pricing Order

Sep 14, 2020
Press Release
SPRINGFIELD, MA – Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-MA) released the following statement regarding President Trump’s latest drug pricing political stunt:
“Republicans and President Trump have made their priorities clear — when given the chance, they handed big pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars in tax cuts instead of helping Americans afford their medications. This empty executive order is just another smoke and mirrors charade from the White House, not a real solution to make medicines affordable. If the President seriously wanted to lower drug prices and ensure Americans do not pay more for prescriptions than people in other countries, he would support H.R. 3, legislation the House passed last year that would achieve those very goals.”
Read Ways and Means Committee Democrats’ 2019 report, “A Painful Pill to Swallow: U.S. vs. International Prescription Drug Prices,” which found that U.S. drug prices are nearly four times higher than the combined average of 11 other similar countries, and that Americans pay as much as 67 times more than consumers in other nations for prescription drugs, even when accounting for rebates.