Following Chairman Neal’s Urging, IRS Agrees to Halt Sending Tax Bills Until the Agency Opens Backlogged Mail and Payments

Aug 21, 2020
Press Release
Earlier this week, Chairman Neal called on the IRS to prioritize their approximate 12 million pieces of backlogged mail

SPRINGFIELD, MA — Just days after House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-MA) urged the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to temporarily halt sending notices for unpaid taxes until the agency processes the mail backlog caused by COVID-19, the IRS heeded the Chairman’s call and announced today it will suspend mailing certain notices to taxpayers who have a balance due until the backlog is reduced. Chairman Neal released the following statement regarding the news:
“This announcement is a huge win and relief for taxpayers. The last thing Americans need in the middle of this pandemic is an unnecessary scare from the IRS regarding tax bills that have already been paid but are stuck in a backlog. The suspension of these notices while the IRS processes its mail will spare taxpayers of needless confusion and worry. I urged the IRS to take this action because I know how important it is for American taxpayers to have the fullest confidence in the IRS notices they receive, especially during this time of tremendous uncertainty and financial pain.”