Levin Attends, Reacts to King v. Burwell Oral Arguments

Mar 4, 2015
Press Release


WASHINGTON – Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) today issued the following statement after attending the oral arguments for the King v. Burwell Supreme Court case:

“It was clear from the oral arguments that when the law is read as a whole, there is no ambiguity. The tax credits were to be available to all Americans, regardless of how their insurance marketplace was set up. Any other reading would do violence to the basic structure of the Affordable Care Act. The lawyer for the petitioners tried to squirm out of that conclusion, but his arguments fell one after another. During arguments, no one could point to a single occasion over the long period of time that the bill was drafted and debated that the availability of tax credits depended on where you live.”