Neal Emphasizes Importance of Expanded Tax Credits in Next Stimulus Package

Oct 16, 2020
Press Release
SPRINGFIELD, MA – Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-MA) released the following statement regarding the need for the next stimulus package to include expansions of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC):
“The Trump Administration’s tone deaf relief proposal fails to include the robust assistance Americans need to survive the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Due to Republicans’ refusal to provide further federal aid over the past five months, 8 million additional people have fallen into poverty. Americans need meaningful help, not scraps.
“The Trump plan fails to include expansions of the EITC and CTC, key tax credits that reward work and support low-income families. The decision to exclude these provisions – including Democrats’ proposal to make some of the benefits available immediately – means that workers and families will miss out on thousands of dollars they need to get back on their feet in the coming months. Along with an extension of emergency unemployment compensation into 2021, these anti-poverty tax measures must be in the next stimulus package.”