Neal Statement on Inadequacy of Trump Administration Relief Proposal

Oct 11, 2020
Press Release
SPRINGFIELD, MA – Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-MA) released the following statement regarding the Trump Administration’s insufficient relief proposal:
“The President’s proposed relief package demonstrates that he and his administration still fail to grasp the severity of the COVID-19 economic crisis. This approach is a transparent attempt to score political points in the coming weeks, not a plan to ensure those who are struggling can make ends meet. Americans are going hungry and losing their homes – they need substantial assistance, and the Trump proposal falls woefully short.
“When crafting the Heroes Act, House Democrats put the needs of workers and families first. We extended both regular and emergency unemployment compensation into 2021 to provide financial certainty for folks who are unable to find work in the recession. The Trump unemployment insurance proposal offers far less assistance, begins cutting off aid before millions of people have a chance to find new jobs, and would even result in benefits being clawed back from some Americans.
“Democrats also passed meaningful tax provisions to help those who are struggling to get by. We expanded the Child Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, and made some of those benefits available immediately, to deliver significant boosts to low-income families and workers. Meanwhile, the Trump proposal fails to include either of those expansions, depriving millions of Americans of thousands of dollars in tax benefits.
“For months, Democrats have been consistent and clear in our priorities: we must help those who are most in need while crushing the virus. We’ve listened to our constituents, not impulsively reacted to the stock market. The Trump proposal lacks the serious provisions needed to meet the grave challenges of this moment.”