Ranking Member Neal Speaks on House Floor Against TrumpCare

Mar 24, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Richard Neal (D-MA) today spoke on the House Floor against the TrumpCare bill:

Key Quotes

“This bill has gone from bad to worse. And if that wasn’t enough, to get the votes to pass the bill, they want to cut prescription drug benefits, mental health benefits, hospital benefits, maternity care, and yes – every one of us in this institution – they know a family who is struggling with a loved one’s addiction, and they want to roll back that benefit.”


“Now the President said he wanted an insurance plan that covered all members of the American family. What they’re offering up today is a plan that cuts health insurance for 24 million American family members.”


“The hard truth here today is they’re asking the American family to pay more to get less, and dozens of Republicans have said so today.”


To watch Rep. Neal’s full remarks, click here.