“When Women Succeed, Our Economy Succeeds”: Looking Back to Ways and Means’ Working Women Wednesday

Jun 22, 2022
Press Release

Last week, Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-MA) and the Ways and Means Committee heard directly from working women on the burnout they are experiencing at the hands of an economy that doesn’t recognize their responsibilities outside of work.

Tori Snyder, Pittsburgh, PA,:

“My son, he doesn't have anyone else to take care of him. If I have to choose between working 40 hours to have health benefits or having to work 90 hours in my small business around my son’s schedule in order to be there for him, making sure he can access the services that he needs, I’ll deal with the stress every day. And that’s why the paid leave for all is so important.”

Nija Phelps, Milford, CT:

“The expansion of the unemployment insurance and the child tax credits were a lifeline for us last year, but since their expiration, we've had to dip into our retirement savings to care for our family, and I'm worried that we're not going to be able to keep up with our mortgage payments. It's hard to feel positive and to keep moving forward when it doesn't feel like your present or your future is stable.”

Donna Price, Cleveland, OH:

“And I think that it's important when people are faced with challenges such as taking care of a loved one who is sick or having mental challenges, that they have paid time off to do that so that they can take care of their family and not worry about how they are going to pay a bill. Having paid time off is not going to make anyone rich. But it's just going to take the pressures of being at home, having to care for a loved one—it's just going to reduce the stress levels. It's not going to make anybody rich. No one wants a handout. No one is looking for the government to take care of them. We just need help when we need the help.”

Johna Beech, Kenai, AK

“So, I kept working, spinning all the plates, and not letting one fall. And this is why Paid Leave is so important, so in moments like this, caregivers can focus on spending time with their dying loved ones. So, in moments like this, a caregiver never has to wonder if they can pay for their housing or if they're going to lose their home. And in some moments like this, a caregiver will have a foundation after their world is done falling apart.