Press Releases

Jul 27, 2020 Press Release
The abrupt change moves data away from the CDC to a private contractor
Jul 27, 2020 Press Release
Only five percent of callers could reach IRS staff on the EIP help line, and the IRS’s designated mailbox for congressional offices has answered just 62 percent of incoming emails, leaving more than 13,000 emails unread
Jul 27, 2020 Press Release
Committee Democrats released “Under-Enforced and Over-Prescribed: The Antipsychotic Drug Epidemic Ravaging America’s Nursing Homes” today
Jul 24, 2020 Press Release
During a discussion with Chairman Neal, mothers from across the nation emphasized the vital need for federal investment in safe, affordable, quality child care
Jul 23, 2020 Press Release
The bill would cut Social Security and Medicare in the middle of a pandemic and recession
Jul 22, 2020 Press Release
Slams GOP calls for a payroll tax cut and proposed adjustments to the benefit amount that would further overwhelm state unemployment offices and delay the administration of payments