Share Your Story: Paid Leave and Child Care



The Ways and Means Committee recently held a hearing on “The Burnout Epidemic and What Working Women Need for a Stronger Economy” where we heard from some incredible witnesses about their paid leave or child care experiences. Many voiced the challenges they continue to face without access to universal paid leave or child care.

Click the links below to watch/read their testimony:

Long before the pandemic, ensuring Americans have access to universal paid leave or child care has been a priority for Ways and Means Dems, and hearing from working moms, parents, family caregivers, and child care facility owners and workers makes the need for these critical policies all the more pressing. 

We would like to invite women across the nation to share their stories. Tell us what your daily lives look like without paid leave or child care, and why access is so important. If you have access, tell us how having these critical benefits has changed your life, allowed you to return to the workforce, care for parents, spouses or partners, children, and other loved ones, and more. Women are still struggling and will continue to struggle without paid leave or child care support. We want to hear from you and get the message out there.

Submit any of the following: 

  • Short video (30 - 90 seconds);mp4 format; filmed horizontally if possible
  • Photo with caption
  • Written piece 

Tell your story and we might feature you on our social media and website series: Working Women Wednesday. 


How to Submit:

Please email all submissions to and make sure videos are in mp4 format and all photos are either jpeg or png format. In the email, make sure to include: 

  • Your name
  • Profession/title/what you do/did for a living
  • Your social media tags (if you’re comfortable with us tagging you)

You can also tag us if you choose to post something from your own account.

If you choose to submit a written piece, video, or photos to Ways & Means Committee Dems or tag us in a post, please be advised that your work could be shared on our social media channels and/or website. Please submit by August 15, 2022.



Please state your name, where you are from, and what you do/did for a living.

Tell us about your current situation and how having access to resources like paid leave or child care would help.

If applicable, share your experience making a decision to leave the workforce or change professions to accommodate family needs.

If you are a caregiver, how would paid leave help you as you care for your parents, spouses or partners, children, and other loved ones?

How would having paid leave or child care improve your situation?

For those who have access, how has it helped you and your parents, spouses or partners, children, and other loved ones?

Anything else we should know?