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40 Reasons Senate Democrats Should Act on 40 House-Passed Jobs Bills

Even four years after the original “Recovery Summer” the American people continue to experience the worst “recovery” for jobs ever.  The House has passed 40 jobs bills in the last 18 months that have yet to be acted on by Senate Democrats.

As will be displayed in a series of releases, there are at least 40 reasons for the Senate to pass these 40 House jobs bills.  The reasons define the distress Americans continue to feel in the “new normal” of high unemployment and weak job creation resulting from Obama Administration economic policies.


 Reason #1: Worst “recovery” for jobs ever

 Reason #2: At the current pace, the jobs gap won’t close until 2018

  Reason #3: Worst “recovery” ever for long-term unemployed

  Reason #4: Worst “recovery” ever for dropouts from the workforce

Reason #5: Record number of Americans are not working

Reason #6: The share of adults who are working is back to 1984 levels

Reason #7: The unemployment rate for African-Americans is more than twice the rate for whites

Reason #8: Men in their prime working years are not working

Reason #9: Far more adults have left the workforce than found new jobs

Reason #10: Invisible unemployment remains above 10 percent for 59 straight months

Reason #11: More people dropped out of the workforce during the “recovery” than during the recession

Reason #12: Thirty-two states have yet to recover lost jobs

Reason #13: Worst “recovery” ever for GDP growth

Reason #14: The U.S. economy shrank in the first quarter of 2014


Reason #15: Democrats’ $1 trillion stimulus didn’t reduce unemployment like they promised


Reason #16: Democrats’ $1 trillion stimulus didn’t create jobs like they promised

Reason #17: Share of adults working full-time remains near record lows

Reason #18: Full-time jobs down, part-time jobs up

Reason #19: Record numbers are working temp jobs

Reason #20: Median household income is down $2,000 during the “recovery”

Reason #21: Involuntary part-time employment remains nearly double pre-recession levels

Reason #22: Record numbers living in poverty

Reason #23: Near record numbers of poor children

Reason #24: Most job growth during the “recovery” in lower-wage occupations

Reason #25: Democrats’ $1 trillion stimulus didn’t create manufacturing jobs like they promised

Reason #26: Democrats’ $1 trillion stimulus didn’t create construction jobs like they promised  

Reason #27: Economic conditions of today’s youth brand them a “lost generation”

Reason #28: Unemployment rate for young people is 13.6 percent

Reason #29: Record share of adult children living with their parents

Reason #30: Half of college grads are still relying on their parents years after graduation


  Reason #31: Young people aren’t joining the workforce

Reason #32: In the last six years, 99% of net job growth has been among older workers 

Reason #33: Today’s college grads face far higher unemployment rates

Reason #34: Millions of college grads are working jobs that don’t require their degree

Reason #35: Record numbers on food stamps

Reason #36: Record numbers on disability benefits

Reason #37: Disability beneficiaries outnumber jobs in manufacturing

Reason #38: Over half of Americans can’t afford their house

Reason #39: Minority families have suffered the most during the Obama “recovery”

Reason #40: 6 out of 10 say the American Dream is out of reach