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Surprise: Democrats Make it Easier to Increase, Harder to Cut Taxes

January 06, 2009

Washington D.C. – Ways & Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI)issued the following statement today in response to a proposed Democratplan to amend the rule on the motion to recommit:

“Today’s rule change makes it easier to raise taxes and makes itharder to cut them.  With this ploy it is clear that Speaker Pelosi andHouse Democrats have no intention of seriously debating how to lowerthe tax burden placed on working families, small businesses andAmerican job providers.  While the rule change is certainly a warningof things to come, I’m not sure it makes the post-stimulus tax hikesanymore palatable.”

Camp’s comment comes in response to the Majority’s rules packagethat would prohibit the inclusion of “promptly” instructions in amotion to recommit.  Such instructions are one of the few waysRepublicans currently can express their views on legislation brought tothe Floor. But now, despite an expanded majority, House Democraticleaders are proposing the draconian step of removing this modestability of the Minority to express dissent and propose policyalternatives. 

According to Camp, the rule shift would:
·        Make it easier for the Majority to raise taxes.
·        Force Republicans to abide by PAYGO, even when the Majority does not.
·        Force tax increases to prevent tax increases.
·        Prevent consideration of additional tax relief.
·        Severely limit the democratic process and openness of the House.