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Camp Congratulates New Republicans on Ways & Means Committee

January 07, 2009

Washington, DC – Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI)issued the following statement today congratulating the new Republicanmembers of the Ways and Means Committee: 

“Our new members bring a wealth of experience, knowledge andenthusiasm to the Committee,” said Camp.  These characteristics willserve the Committee well as we work towards solutions to the challengesthat are facing our country. “

“The 111th Congress has a lot of work to be done but also offersplenty of opportunities for our ideas to be heard.  The expertise eachmember brings with them will be a great asset going forward and will bekey in promoting a pro-growth, innovative agenda for the Americanpeople.


The Committee ratio will be 26 Democrats and 15 Republicans.

The Republican Members on the Ways and Means Committee will include:

Dave Camp (MI)
Wally Herger (CA)
Sam Johnson (TX)
Kevin Brady (TX)
Paul Ryan (WI)
Eric Cantor (VA)
John Linder (GA)
Devin Nunes (CA)
Pat Tiberi (OH)
Ginny Brown-Waite (FL)
Geoff Davis (KY)
Dave Reichert (WA) 
Charles Boustany (LA)
Dean Heller (NV)
Peter Roskam (IL)

 *Italics denote new members
*Hyperlinks of new members direct you to their biography.