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Herger Responds to Health Provisions in Stimulus Package

January 16, 2009

Washington D.C. – Health Subcommittee Ranking Member Wally Herger(R-CA) issued the following statement today after Democrats’ released asummary of health care provisions in the proposed stimulus bill:

“Chairman Rangel’s summary of the health care provisions included inthe stimulus bill is, unfortunately, in line with the House Democrats’theory that we can borrow and spend our way out of our economic woes. Simply throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve the problems we’refacing across our country or in the health care system.  The provisionthat would include upwards of $30 billion dollars for subsidizing COBRApayments takes the wrong tack to address health care coverage for thosewho have lost their jobs and offers no assistance to those who aren’teligible for the program.  Instead we should look at providingassistance that will give people the freedom to choose the health carethat best suits their needs and helps as many people as possible. Additionally, increased efforts to develop health IT infrastructure isan admirable goal and should be part of our long term health strategy. I’m concerned about whether the legislation will include sufficientstandards so that the equipment and software will be interoperable.”