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Camp Accepts Invite to Attend Fiscal Responsiblity Summit

February 20, 2009

Washington D.C. – On Monday, the President will convenea “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” with members of his Administration,key congressional representatives and advocacy groups.  U.S. Rep. DaveCamp (R-MI), the Ranking Republican on the Ways and Means Committee,has agreed to attend the 3-hour policy discussion.

“Last week’s stimulus bill doubled the federal deficit, increasedour debt payments by nearly $400 billion and put the nation’s financialfuture on even shakier ground,” Camp said.  “Now, more than ever, weneed to get government spending under control and find a sustainablepath forward.  I look forward to meeting with the President, hearinghis ideas and hopefully taking the first step towards reducing thedebt, the tax burden on families and protecting the critical servicesand benefits provided by Social Security and Medicare.”

According to media reports, approximately 90 peoplewere invited to the summit, which will focus in part on the growingnational debt, taxes, health care and Social Security.  The New YorkTimes has reported that the list includes “30 members of the House, 30senators and 30 scholars and representatives of advocacy groups.”