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MedPAC Data Calls into Question Adequacy of Government-Run Plans

June 08, 2009

Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) today highlighted data from a 2008 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) report showing more than 90 percent of seniors enrolled in the government-run Medicare program are enrolled in additional health care coverage.

“Supporters of government-run health insurance think federal bureaucrats can do a good job designing and operating a health plan, but the facts suggest otherwise,” said Camp.  “If government designed programs are so great, why do 9 out of 10 Medicare beneficiaries get more coverage?”

According to the June 2008 MedPAC report, among non-institutionalized seniors in 2005:

  • 31.9% were also enrolled in an employer-sponsored plan;
  • 28.5% were also enrolled in a Medigap plan;
  • 14.6% were also enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan; today that number stands at 22%;
  • 14.2% were also enrolled in Medicaid;
  • 1.3% were also enrolled in some other public sector benefit; and
  • Just 9.6% had no additional coverage at all.

“Non-partisan experts have stated that up to 120 million Americans would be forced off their current health plan if a government plan was created,” said Camp.  “Would 90 percent of those Americans also find their new government plan inadequate?”