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The Prescription Pad – What You Need to Know About the President’s Health Care Plan

June 16, 2009
On Monday, in a speech to the American Medical Association, President Obama reaffirmed his prior comments that health care reform shouldn’t displace anyone from their current insurance:

“If you like what you’re getting, keep it.  Nobody is forcing you to shift.  But if you’re not, this gives you some new options.”

Yet just a day earlier, on NBC’s Meet the Press, Vice President Joe Biden explained that health care reform can be paid for in part by, “getting rid of the Medicare Advantage.”  Medicare Advantage currently provides health care for over 10 million seniors and, in comparison to traditional Medicare, limits seniors’ out-of-pocket expenses, provides additional coverage (including vision, hearing and dental benefits) as well as better coordinating care.


Given the high rate of enrollee satisfaction in Medicare Advantage (1) , please click here to see how many senior citizens will lose a health plan they like in every state and Congressional District under Vice President Biden’s proposed way to pay for health reform.