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Democrat Giveaways So Extreme Even Governors Get Covered

June 18, 2009
Despite the rhetoric by Senate Democrats about the need to give taxpayer health subsidies to the “poor,” two current U.S. Governors may qualify for taxpayer-funded health care if the bill being considered by the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee is enacted.  

The so-called “Affordable Health Choices Act,” as outlined by Senator Chris Dodd, makes Americans earning up to four hundred percent of poverty ($43,320 for an individual in 2009; $88,200 for a family of four) eligible for taxpayer subsidies to get health coverage.  Under the Kennedy-Dodd bill, both Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and Maine Governor John Baldacci would appear to be eligible for such assistance. 

According to the 2008 Council of States Governments, Governor Ritter (who has a wife and four children) earns $90,000 and Governor Baldacci (who has a wife and one child) earns $70,000. 

“At a time when millions of American families are struggling with their health bills, it is irresponsible that Democrats in Congress want to throw hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars at those who currently have the means to purchase coverage on their own,” said Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI).  “Instead, we should be focusing on real solutions that drive down the cost of health care, expand access to affordable health care options for all Americans, and target assistance at those who actually need it.”