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Camp, Brady Statement on Senate Finance Hearing on Climate Change Legislation

July 08, 2009

Washington DC — Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) and Trade Subcommittee Ranking Member Kevin Brady (R-TX) commented on today’s Senate Finance Hearing on Climate Change Legislation: International Trade Considerations:

Congressman Dave Camp stated, “The Speaker rammed through the House a national energy tax bill that contains hastily crafted tariffs that will harm American workers.  There is no denying that these provisions are an open invitation for our trading partners to retaliate against American exports and put American workers at a further competitive disadvantage.  Congress is supposed to make American workers and exporters more competitive – not less.  The Speaker may have won a political victory, but it comes at the expense of American workers.  I hope the Senate shows more concern for American workers and jobs than House Democrats did.”

Congressman Kevin Brady stated, “When the House forced through border measures as part of the national energy tax legislation, I raised concerns that these provisions could be counter-productive to the competitiveness of our workers and could drive other countries from international climate negotiations – and that is exactly what appears to be happening.  Even the President, although not until after the House passed its hasty legislation, spoke out against such border measures because they would send protectionist signals and could impede the recovery of the U.S. and international economy.  The recent joint WTO-UNEP report highlights the complexities involved in ensuring that these policies won’t threaten American workers and the U.S. economy, complexities that the House leadership simply ignored, and I hope Congress will revisit the border measures with the best interests of all American workers in mind.”