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Can You Spot the Source of False Information?

October 01, 2009

Late last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) directed Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to discontinue any communications with their enrollees about the potential impact on beneficiaries of health reform proposals – paid for with massive cuts to the MA program.  According to CMS, those communications were “misleading and confusing.”

Below are five statements about the possible impacts the Medicare changes proposed by President Obama and Democratic Leaders in Congress will have on the millions of seniors enrolled in MA plans.  Can you spot which one is “misleading and confusing” and needs to be stopped?

Statement A:

“The 113 billion dollars is a reduction in the extra benefits, the added, additional benefits that Medicare Advantage enrollees have available to them.”

Statement B:

The Medicare Advantage cuts contained in the Democrats’ health bills pending in Congress “could lead many plans to limit the benefits they offer, raise their premiums, or withdraw from the program.”

Statement C:

“While these programs need to be made more efficient, if the proposed funding cut levels become law, millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make Medicare Advantage health plans so valuable.”

Statement D:

“President Obama is wrong when he says that his health-reform proposals would not affect benefits received by seniors.”

Statement E

“None of the health care reform proposals being considered by Congress would cut Medicare benefits or increase your out-of-pocket costs for Medicare services.” 

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