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In Promising MORE Stimulus, White House Ignores Reality of Past Stimulus Failures

December 08, 2009

In considering the merits of President Obama’s latest stimulus proposals, it’s important to consider the reality of what the president and his economic team think and have said about the effects of his last such plan — the stimulus plan he signed into law in February 2009:  

What President Obama Said Today About the Effect of the 2009 Stimulus Bill in Terms of Jobs:

“(W)e learned on Friday that the unemployment rate fell slightly last month. This is welcome news…”

What President Obama’s Economists Projected About Job Creation Compared With Reality:


What President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Thinks of Economist Projections:

I’m not an economist, and as you know, economists don’t know much about the future.”

Treasury Secretary Geithner , Commenting Friday(12/4/2009) About the Unemployment Numbers on Bloomberg News’ “Political Capital.”