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December 15, 2009

Following reports that a government-run plan would not be included in the Senate Democrats’ health care bill, those attempting to predict the end-game on health care reform might wonder how to reconcile that with the oft-stated commitment by House Progressives to block any bill that does not contain a “robust public option.” 

57 House Progressives on July 30:
“Any bill that does not provide, at a minimum, for a public option with reimbursement rates based on Medicare rates – not negotiated rates – is unacceptable.”

House Progressives on September 3:
“A health reform bill without a robust public option will not achieve the health reform this country so desperately needs.  We cannot vote for anything less.”

House Progressives on December 11:
“Any final bill must assure the following: The creation of a nation-wide public option, such as the one in the House bill that increases competition, affordability and access for all Americans.”