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Latest Data Show Record 10 Million Americans Collecting Unemployment Checks

December 17, 2009

For the second time in three weeks, the number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits has reached an all time record — 10.1 million in the week ending November 28, 2009, the most recent for which full data are available.  As the graph below shows, the total number of Americans on unemployment benefits has increased by over 2 million since Congressional Democrats passed the “stimulus” bill.

Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) said: “Democrats claimed their stimulus plan would create 3.5 million jobs, but all it has created is record unemployment.  The facts show Speaker Pelosi has the worst record on jobs of any Speaker in history, and an astonishing 10.1 million Americans collected unemployment benefits as our families gathered for Thanksgiving.  Yet as the House adjourned for the year yesterday, it did nothing to increase the number of Americans collecting paychecks.  Instead, House Democrats simply spent more money we don’t have on expanding provisions of the failed stimulus bill. Today’s data is another grim reminder that the Democrats’ stimulus bill hasn’t created jobs and that America is in desperate need for a change of course.”

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Source: Department of Labor