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Moody’s Mirrors Ways & Means Republicans’ “Obama Misery Index”

December 17, 2009

The “Misery Index” of the 1970s is back, but in a new and startling form.  Today, the nation’s skyrocketing debt, coupled with rapidly growing and now double-digit unemployment, has created a new “Obama Misery Index,” detailed by Ways and Means Republicans each month since June 2009.  Now Moody’s has created its own “Misery Index.”  Like the Ways and Means Republican version, the Moody’s “Misery Index” reflects the enormous levels of unemployment and debt amassed in the U.S. under Democrat economic leadership.  And in comparing the dire fiscal and employment situation of the U.S. to other countries, Moody’s highlights that countries such as France and Italy are now in better economic shape than the United States.   

Monthly “Obama Misery Index” Prepared by Ways & Means Republicans

Moody’s “Misery Index”