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Camp Reaction to President’s State of the Union

January 27, 2010

Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) issued the following statement in reaction to the President’s State of the Union:

“Americans aren’t looking for another good speech; they are looking fora good job.  Unfortunately, tonight we got another speech instead of aconcrete plan that will create jobs.  When you add the tax increasesthat are expected to be in the President’s budget on Monday to pay forthe poll-tested proposals we heard tonight, it is tough to see howsmall businesses will actually get back on their feet and be in aposition to start hiring again anytime soon.

“I’m equally concerned that the President is not listening to theconcerns the American people have about his health care bill and theway he went about writing it with Democrats in Congress.  There werefar too many backroom deals that favored special interest group afterspecial interest group, producing a bill that would cause mostAmericans to see their health care premiums go up and seniors’ Medicarebenefits slashed.  I hope the President will step back, start over, andwork with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to find a bipartisanpath forward to actually lower health care costs and the price ofcoverage.

“As for trade, actions speak louder than words.  Over the past year,this Administration and Democrats in Congress have done little topromote U.S. exports even though we all agree that exporting moreAmerican made goods and services will create jobs here at home.  ThePresident’s inaction has put American companies and workers at acrippling disadvantage internationally as other countries race ahead totake these markets from us.  I welcome the President’s new sentimentand hope he follows through — I am committed to helping open newmarkets to create good-paying U.S. jobs.”