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Camp: Mr. President, Here is a Plan that Actually LOWERS Health Care Costs

February 03, 2010

Washington, DC – Today, Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI), author of the Common Sense Health Care Reforms and Affordability Act, called on the President to suspend his partisan speechmaking and start bipartisan work on health care reform.

“The President is traveling the country making partisan speeches, while Americans’ health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket. This does nothing to solve the problems so many Americans are experiencing.  If the President wants a better idea on health care, then I would once again remind him to look at the House Republican bill. Unlike the Democrats’ health care bill, which will increase premiums, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office predicts the House Republicans’ common sense reforms would actually lower insurance premiums across the board (up to $3,000 for millions of families compared to the House Democrats’ plan). 

“Mr. President, House Republicans do have a better idea: lower premiums for individuals and families without raising taxes, without cutting Medicare by one-half trillion dollars, and without spending over $1 trillion as the Democrats’ plan will. We are ready when you are to discuss our ideas on how to actually lower health care costs for all Americans.”


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Editor’s Note: President Obama, while discussing why his health care bill has stalled yesterday: “I’ve said to the Republicans; show me what you’ve got. You’ve been sitting on the sidelines criticizing what we’re proposing…you got a better idea, bring it on.”