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Camp, Brady Welcome Tentative Procurement Deal with Canada

February 05, 2010

Washington,DC – Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI) and Trade SubcommitteeRanking Member Kevin Brady (R-TX) issued the following statements today after atentative agreement with Canada was reached on procurement. 

Ranking Member Campcommented:  “The Democrats’ poorly written ‘Buy American’ provisions haveactually been selling out American workers. I applaud the Administration forrecognizing the shortcomings of this ‘stimulus’ policy by stopping the bleedingwith a partial fix that could boost economic activity.  I hope theAdministration follows through on this action and continues to increaseopportunities to export American made goods and services.  Well-written and opentrade policies can and will create good paying American jobs, which today’s jobsreport shows our economy and workers desperately need.”

Rep. Bradystated:  “This is helpful but doesn’t fix the problem. The clumsily crafted BuyAmerican provision in the Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ legislation continues to delayprojects, increase costs and wreak confusion among our state and localentities.  Until the Obama Administration exempts sub-federal entities, it willstruggle with defending a ‘stimulus’ program that has produced precious fewresults and has given other countries a green light to pursue their ownprotectionist buy national policies.”