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Would President’s Insurance Premium Review Bureaucrats Approve Democrats’ Bills?

February 22, 2010

According to today’s New York Times, “The president’s bill would grant the federal Health and Human Services Secretary new authority to review, and to block, premium increases by private insurers, potentially superseding state insurance regulators.”  While the President claims the proposal is in reaction to recent, unacceptable insurance premium hikes, premiums would grow more costly for the American people if Congressional Democrats’ had their way. According to the non-partisan experts at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the House and Senate Democrats’ health care bills would further increase health insurance premiums by as much as 15 percent. Which begs the question, “If Congress empowers federal bureaucrats against higher premiums, will the new board have the power to repeal the Democrats’ government takeover of health care that actually increases premiums?”

In contrast, CBO estimated that the House Republican health care reform legislation would lower health insurance premiums across the board – for individuals and families, small business and large employers. Compared to the House Democrat government takeover of health care, families would save almost $3,000 more a year.


Impact on Individual Market Premiums in 2016

Under Various Democrat Proposals According to CBO 





Change in Premiums Compared to Current Law Projections


Senate Democrats’ Bill (H.R. 3590)*


$2,100 increase


House Democrats’ Bill (H.R. 3962)**


$1,900 increase


House Republican Bill (H.R. 4038)***


$1,050 decrease

* CBO Letter to Senator Bayh November 30, 2009
** CBO Letter to Chairman Rangel November 2, 2009
*** CBO Letter to Republican Leader Boehner  November 4, 2009