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Senator Durbin Confirms Democrat Bill Increases Premiums

March 10, 2010

Today, on the floor of the United States Senate, the second highest ranking Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illinois said:  “Anyone who would stand before you and say well, if you pass health care reform, next year’s health care premiums are going down, I don’t think is telling the truth. I think it is likely they would go up, but what we’re trying to do is slow the rate of increase.” 
(Sen. Dick Durbin, Remarks on the Senate Floor, 3/10/10)

With all due respect, Mr. Durbin, you failed to even slow the rate of increase.  According to the Congressional Budget Office under the Senate Democrat bill health care premiums for families will go up by $2,100 more than if Congress did nothing. 

That’s right, your bill makes the problem worse by making health care premiums even more expensive.  Here are the facts: 

Impact on Individual Market Premiums for a Family in 2016
Under Various Democrat Proposals According to CBO



Change in Premiums Compared
to if Congress did Nothing


Senate Democrats’ Bill (H.R. 3590)*


$2,100 increase


House Democrats’ Bill (H.R. 3962)**


$1,900 increase


House Republican Bill (H.R. 4038)***


$1,050 decrease


* CBO Letter to Senator Bayh November 30, 2009
** CBO Letter to Chairman Rangel November 2, 2009
*** CBO Letter to Republican Leader Boehner  November 4, 2009