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ObamaCare Price Tag Keeps Growing

September 17, 2010

Before breaking for the November elections, Congressional Democrats plan to pass a massive stop-gap spending bill that may also include a slew of unrelated or extraneous provisions.  The Obama Administration is also asking Congressional Democrats to include $250 million dollars to “increase the primary care health workforce” because “without interventions, experts are projecting a shortage of primary care health providers to meet the demands of the newly insured under health reform.”  This quarter-billion dollars is yet another example of ObamaCare’s price tag increasing after it became law.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  According to a recent Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) study, the U.S. will need to add 63,000 new physicians by 2015 in order to keep up with the demands of ObamaCare.  In June, the Obama Administration announced it would spend $168 million to train 500 physicians, a cost of $336,000 per physician.  To train the additional 63,000 physicians needed because of the Democrats’ health overhaul, taxpayers could be on the hook for an additional $21 billion by 2015, making this yet one more of the ways the true cost of the Democrats’ health law was hidden from the American public.  And keep in mind this figure does not capture the costs associated with the need to train additional physicians to replace the physicians the Medicare Actuaries warn could go out of business because of the Democrats’ one-half trillion dollars in Medicare cuts.