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Diagnosis on ObamaCare: Harming, Not Helping Small Business Create Jobs

January 18, 2011

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

  • A builder in New Jersey won’t be hiring any extra help, saying “It’s too risky to add bodies, will add machinery instead to be more efficient.”
  • An insurance agent in Delaware said he will “Cut back on benefits, not hire an additional worker or discontinue paying health insurance for employee’s altogether.”
  • A third-party logistics service provider headquartered in Alabama says that due to increased costs he, “will not hire any additional full-time employees.”
  • A computer software professional located in Alaska says, “I am going to lay off my employees and shut down.”
  • An Alabama business specializing in commercial and residential heavy duty galvanized structures says, “We are in a holding pattern because we don’t know the total expenses of a new hire.”
  • A construction owner in Oregon that specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling says, “He will reduce hiring new employees.”
  • An Ohio small business owner who is a provider of full-scope radiological services says he will, “Cut back more on expenses and possibly personnel.  We’ve already cut back 40 percent  over the past year.”
  • An independent, full-service insurance company located in Connecticut says that changes made in response to the new law, “Absolutely precludes any consideration of new hires; because of weak economic environment we are looking at all expenses and reevaluating budgets.”
  • A vineyard owner in Washington said he will “limit hiring of new employees because of uncertainty in health cost.” 

American Foundry Society and the North American Die Casting Association

  • A California family-owned die caster notes that their premiums increased by 14 percent.  They have decided not to hire new workers.  With continued premium increases anticipated, they said an option in the near future will be to hire part time workers without benefits.  Another option is to have the employees start paying part of premium.
  • An Ohio die caster reports that in March 2011 they will be forced to reduce health care benefits to compensate for the additional costs for their health care plan. In addition, with continued double digit increases, they are contemplating automating more of their processes/lines and hiring less.

Sources:  Responses provided courtesy of the American Foundry Society, the North American Die Casting Association and NFIB.