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James Bufton

February 10, 2011

Chairman Camp,

Americans want to work.  The current political bantering is unacceptable and unproductive.  Trickle down does not and never did work.  History bears this out.  We are facing actual (U6) unemployment number of well over 16%.  No one disputes this.  Yet, the heartless millionaire conservatives would allow decent hard working Americans to be cast aside and forgotten rather than face the problem and the reality at hand.

I will exhaust my UE insurance in a couple of weeks and with my savings mostly depleted will soon lose everything this disabled veteran has worked for all of his life.  At age 62, even with a very credible and successful work history, I am unwanted.  Discrimination is rampant and the conservatives want us to just go off and die somewhere so they can deal with further enriching their cronies.

I first advocate the 14 week extension that Ms. Lee is introducing to the House so those in harsh climates will not freeze to death when living on the streets.  Further I endorse a public works program where displaces workers can engage in all sorts of activities that budgetary constraints have diminished.  Tutoring challenged students in fundamentals, helping the aging lonely, painting schools in ill repair, teaching computer skills, and countless other projects.  What community would say: “We really don’t need any of these things”.   That was rhetorical, sorry.

Please stop pandering to the rich and DO SOMETHING concrete and measurable to create jobs in AMERICA.


James Bufton