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Martin Thomas

February 10, 2011



02 / 10 / 2011

My dilemma in this unemployment search is never ending it seems. Hundereds of applications, 3 interviews, no job, simple. I’ve applied to everything I feel I’m qualified for. Even an “all you need is a heartbeat job” that caters to low paying alien labor. This is destroying America. The President says says to get a degree and get a good job. Speaker Boehner says you need to get an education to have the “American Dream”. That’s all fine and well understood, but people are already trained, have degrees and still don’t have jobs. How can you have any faith in the words from our leaders when these things have already been accomplished and there is no jobs available? Here’s a quote from the President;

October 13, 2010 11:45 AM
Obama: “No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Projects”

You can’t argue with the horses mouth!!!

This a true statement, “There are three types of lies; lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain

I’m fed up with being lied to, and America has been uninformed. Because of failed job creation policies and the emphasis on the useless health care bill that no one was able to read is appalling. Why do I have to suffer along with millions in my situation? We didn’t ask to have for heath care. Jobs are needed first. We can’t live on health care! I can’t pay my essential living expenses on heath care. Without a job, I can’t afford heath care. To lay this burden on family and friends is unfair. America was lied to when they were told the 99ers had their benefits restored. There is 6-7 million and growing without benefits still. The unemployment rate is more like 18%. I can do the math. I / WE are treated like idiots and we’re offended.

It’s very discouraging I’m qualified for my field as a Maintenance Technician. Yes, there’s always room for improvement. In this field, you get it on the job. I have no daily routine. Until the jobs appear, I / We need our benefits to survive. I / We want jobs and not asking for a hand out when requesting an extension of unemployment benefits.

The United Nations send billions of American dollars to foreign countries in need of emergency assistance and they won’t help America. What’s wrong here? There’s a national emergency here in AMERICA!!!   SOS… THE FLAGS UPSIDE DOWN, DISTRESS… Can you hear me now???

I don’t know who the President addressed when he told Americans to get educated and get a job. Is there a new private America we don’t know about? Was he speaking to people in China??? To throw words at us that America need to be retrained for jobs. That’s insane, people have training, there are no jobs. Outsourcing American jobs to China and other 3rd world countries doesn’t help.

Where’s the America I once knew? If our fore- fathers were alive, they’d be ashamed. Please extend unemployment benefits until the jobs appear. Extending tax cuts to millionaires doesn’t help me today. To leave me stranded and all the unemployed is wrong.

Thank You, and please help me and all the 99ers, Martin G. Thomas