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Scott Carlson

February 10, 2011

Scott Carlson     

Title Hearing: Tell a Compelling story.


Dear Committee,


     I had a job that was ok, I was making money even though it was not much, it was steady and I had it for 6 years.

Then all of a sudden about 3 years ago, it was gone! I made some wrong choices when I was young and I don’t have a

Drivers license, I was happy to get that job because it was not that far away. I walked in the rain and snow to get there 

every day, because I knew how lucky I was to have it. Now it has been taken away and no one will even look at my

applications because, for one the new standard with almost all employers are that they require a Drivers license and a 

back ground check, even for a basic $7.00 to $8.00 an hour job. Also because it has taken so long for some jobs to come

back, employers are only hiring people who have been out of work 6 months or less, this is a fact! and if you search the

job listings you will see this requirement with many employers. I am only making it because I live with a friend who is on

DISABILITY and he only brings in about $770.00 a month. It is amazing we are even making it at all. I understand jobs

are number one, However the people who have been out of work the longest are the ones who will be hired last. This is

a fact! anyone who thinks the first unemployed get hired first are living in a dream world! We have and still are being left behind. Not even the President

wants to say a word about us.We need more weeks of benefits now. We need hope for a

better future like the rest of the unemployed. I don’t think its right that some get benefits and not all! Thats what was done

with the tax cuts this last December, the Republicans said ( ALL ), should get help, so why should unemployment benefits

be any different. There was a large cost for that small percent of the rich to get tax breaks, so when you look at the percentage of 99ers, Please remember

the Republicans held out and stopped all for a small percentage no matter the cost!