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Tracy Santee

February 10, 2011

I’m a single mother and have always been a single mother except for the first year of my son’s life. I have always had a job and supported my son, but sometimes shared rent with family and friends for many of his first years.  I finally got my own place while I was in my late 20’s. A place that I could afford on my own…..a trailer in a trailer park.  It isn’t the perfect place, and we were and are still teased because of where we live, but it is and was always stability for my son.   He went to the same school system for a majority of his life and we did well here.

I worked for 12 plus years at a great company that was sold to another/a merger that didn’t provide me with another job.  After that, I was unemployed for a few months, found a few temporary jobs, and then finally found permanent employment for eight years at my last job.  I lost my last job due to lack of work/I was laid off.   My last employer has not only lain off many people, but he has cut his work week down to four days to eliminate costs.  I AM UNEMPLOYED.  Since I have been unemployed, I have lost 20 pounds due to hunger. I am down to 92 pounds and it shows. I do not have the money to pay for food as I did while I was employed and I do not qualify for food stamps.  I have cut down my household costs as much as I could. I still have my car, and intend to keep it as it may be my home soon.

I have three more years left on my mortgage but I do not see any way that I can keep my home (yes, my trailer is my home) if I cannot find a job.  I have been unemployed for almost two years. I have been on at least 25 interviews, sent out thousands of resumes, yet I still cannot find employment.  An unemployment extension for the long term unemployed would help me / my son and MILLIONS of others to buy some time to help find a job and KEEP OUR HOMES!!  If the government can provide us with jobs, ALL THE BETTER!!! We, the long term unemployed, don’t want hand outs and we don’t like to be at home every day with no purpose in our lives, – WE WANT TO WORK AND WE WANT JOBS!!!!!!!

It is crystal clear to me….there are jobs, BUT we are competing for these jobs.  There are at least 15 to 20 people interviewing for the same positions YET ONLY ONE PERSON WINS THE JOB.   Soon, I will be homeless. My mortgage company will foreclose on me. The trailer park will evict me. My son….how will I take care of him??? How will I take care of me???

Tracy Santee